QC Laboratory Compliance

Maintain compliance with effortless traceability
Create a more organized, secure, and productive work environment. 1LIMS makes it easy to standardize data and maintain accurate records of the chain of custody, helping you navigate audits and regulatory inspections with confidence.
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All your lab data with versioning and change management within a single, integrated platform

Seamless versioning

Leave manual tracking in the past. With our platform, every change is documented and traceable. Whether it's a tweak in parameters or an update in a test plan, you'll have a clear record of when changes were made and who approved them.

Automated approval workflow

Direct change requests to the appropriate stakeholders with the right permissions. Designate lab managers and other authorized users to review and approve test results to ensure accountability and compliance with quality standards.

Enhanced traceability

Traceability is at the core of our solution. By seamlessly integrating master data management with versioning and change control, 1LIMS lets you get a holistic view of your data, ensuring traceability throughout your processes.

Every action, recorded

Simplify regulatory compliance with automatically generated audit trails

No more searching through disparate spreadsheets or lost email threads. No more guessing games or finger-pointing during audits. Automatically generated audit trails are digital footprints that capture every change made across the entire platform. Simply input a batch number and unveil the entire history of each specific sample. Know exactly who did what, when, and where.
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Gain complete visibility into every action taken within your platform
Easily reproduce changes, pinpoint exactly when actions occurred and who was involved
Provide auditors with access to every piece of information they require
Simplify regulatory compliance, while safeguarding your reputation

Capture more details than can be captured manually

Every step from procurement to production, tracked and documented

Convert raw material orders in your ERP system into test orders in the LIMS platform to track materials from beginning to end. Maintain comprehensive quality control throughout your supply chain.
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Have peace of mind knowing you're in control

Safeguard your data, streamline workflows, simplify compliance. 1LIMS empowers you to uphold uncompromising quality standards while mitigating risks and liabilities.

Secure your work environment

Assign roles and permissions to employees
Keep your data secure, confidential, and accessible only to those who need it. With roles and permissions, you minimize the risk of unauthorized access and reduce confusion so your employees can focus on what matters most.


Every analysis is validated by at least two people
Enforce the Four-Eyes Principle, ensuring every test result undergoes dual verification for accuracy. Use roles and permissions to enable lab managers to validate the results of tests performed by lab technicians.

Grant  approval permissions

Enable the Lab Manager to authorize reports and orders
Ensure that only authorized users can approve critical reports and orders. Our platform allows for marking reports as "draft," signaling that they have not yet been approved by the lab manager and may undergo further revisions.

E-sign lab
test results

Certify the validity of test results effortlessly
Substitute printed reports and hand-written signatures with paperless certification of lab test results. With eSignature functionality, you can simplify your compliance efforts while saving time and enhancing accuracy.

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