1LIMS for environmental labs

House all your soil, water, air, and other analyses in 1LIMS, speed up work, and automate compliance.
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Still using paper to run your lab?
Time to go paperless

Environmental laboratories cannot rely on manual methods and paper-based systems to process the sheer volume of data they have to deal with daily. An automated solution can speed up turnaround times and help you meet compliance requirements.

Automated data management

In many environmental labs, data handling is still manual. Copying and pasting information from different systems causes mistakes and slows things down. 1LIMS offers one centralized interface to manage all data, eliminating the need to switch between systems.

Increased sample throughput

Environmental labs get a lot of orders, so the ability to analyze samples quickly is crucial. 1LIMS provides automated data management and flexible testing methods, enabling environmental labs to reduce turnaround times, and meet client demands more effectively.

Timely and detailed reporting

Advanced reporting capabilities are important for environmental labs to satisfy both clients and regulatory bodies. 1LIMS provides a reporting solution that perfectly meets the expectations of customers from chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

1LIMS helps environmental laboratories perform better

Discover the key features of our platform.
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Migrate data without the hours of manual work

You can import information from Excel and integrate 1LIMS with your laboratory instruments and internal systems to make it easy to move over all your metadata and files.

Make it effortless for your team to follow SOP

With integrated test plans, you always know that your client's environmental samples are analyzed the way they should.

Test your samples smarter, not harder

With risk-based test plans, you can adjust your testing frequency based on past tests, product volume, and supplier history.

Provide test reports your clients will appreciate

With advanced data analytics and built-in templates, you can prepare detailed reports for your clients within minutes.

Feel more confident about the accuracy of test results

The system automatically flags out-of-specification results, so you can re-test the same sample to verify analytical errors.
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Maintain compliance effortlessly

With audit trails, change control, and fully customizable and controllable approval processes, you can have peace of mind about regulatory audits.

We support your testing methods

1LIMS supports a variety of environmental testing methods as mandated by EU regulations to protect human health and the environment. We can also help you adjust the platform to custom workflows so you can satisfy the needs of every client.
Water quality testing
Soil contamination analysis
Radiochemical analysis
Chemical analysis
Microbiological analysis
Physical analysis
Biological analysis
Toxicological analysis
Forensic analysis

Why 1LIMS? We implement better

1LIMS nails it when it comes to implementation. With our refined pre-implementation methodology, quick system setup, and dedicated guidance, rest assured that your automation efforts will deliver the desired outcomes.

Operational within
30 days

Unlike other laboratory information management systems, 1LIMS stands out as a cloud-based, flexible solution that can be fully operational within just one month.

Lean Six Sigma approach

Lean Six Sigma is the foundation of our approach. We visit your lab and analyze your processes to make sure implementing 1LIMS can drive transformation that delivers ROI.

Highly user

1LIMS provides a seamless user experience, lowering the adoption barrier for your employees. They can customize the user interface in minutes – no coding required.

Specialized knowledge

Our team has extensive expertise in environmental testing and can mentor your laboratory staff in implementing optimal practices for efficient, high quality, and compliant testing.

A platform your team can rely on

Get all you need to manage orders and execute high-quality testing of soils, water, solids, sediments, and air using a simple, organized platform.

Put your tests on

Centralize your lab's data, including orders from diverse clients, a range of samples, and test plans, for fast and convenient access. Implement standardized testing protocols to run analyses more efficiently.

Forget manual work mode

Automate data handling to speed up turnaround times and facilitate the implementation of optimal practices in your laboratory. 1LIMS is intuitive, so your staff will have no problem using it for daily operations.

Connect and manage test instruments

From pH meters and GC instruments to spectrometers and biofuel analyzers – you canimport data from your lab instruments into 1LIMS as well as track device calibration and maintenance schedules.

Maintain seamless compliance

Enforce compliance without worrying about inspections. With 1LIMS, you can effortlessly uphold a transparent, audit-trailed, easily searchable repository of all samples, test results, and issued reports.

Take a tour of 1LIMS

1LIMS is the perfect solution for environmental testing laboratories. Want to see it in action?
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