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1LIMS combines the complex ecosystem of employees, systems and devices making the organisation of labs

simple, smart, fully configurable  & integratable



Industries we are working for:

  • Food
  • Materials
  • Pharma
  • Cosmetics
  • Service Laboratory
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We provide you with a tool that works for you and not the other way around.

Sample Management - 360° Traceability

Manage your samples from start to end, ensure compliance, streamline processes and unlock the power of your laboratory data. You are able to create, review and track samples throughout the entire cycle.
  • Save and print Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
  • 360° sample & quality traceability
  • Ensure compliance
  • Integrate your lab test devices

Test Plans

Simply create & manage your custom test plans at anytime. Assign all related Articles and test units with its specifications - without any restrictions!
  • Search, filter and sort
  • Exportable as PDF, Excel and csv
  • Testplan versioning

Test Units

Efficiently create & manage your custom test units with its specifications and own categories such as microbiology, sensor, identity resolution - without any restrictions!
  • Search, filter and sort
  • Exportable as PDF, Excel and CSV
  • Test unit versioning
Discover more features

Device management - Monitoring of all connected devices

Monitor all connected test equipment, such as measuring instruments (HPLC, GC, etc.) or data loggers (temperature, humidity, etc.) in real time. Set individual specifications for each instrument and define actions. Link individual test parameters with the respective devices and receive complete monitoring of your quality control.
  • Real-time monitoring of all connected test equipment
  • Individual definition of specifications and actions
  • Assignment of test parameters and responsibilities

Device logbook - Overview of all devices protocols

Insight into all activities of your measuring instruments. Complete audit trail, history and service controls. Store all important equipment documents, such as instructions and contracts in one place.
  • Complete equipment Audit Trial
  • Complete history control of all connected devices in the network
  • Management of all device documentation

Device status - Display of all devices in the network

Monitor the work of your measuring instruments around the clock. Using an intuitive overview, you can control your devices with simple commands. So you can see in real time what your instruments are doing. Load the latest measured values or chromatograms directly into the 1LIMS and evaluate the necessary parameters there. Store your test results behind the respective analysis order and access them at any time.
  • Current device status (Run/Stop/Hold/On/Off)
  • Overview of device status (Enabled/Blocked/For calibration/maintenance)
  • Simple and intuitive control of the devices

Custom & Automated Data Visualization

1LIMS empower your team to answer questions with data. It calculates — in real time — all the key metrics you need to run your laboratory. Never spend hours in Excel again! Make informed decisions with custom reports & charts.
  • Provide unique visualization
  • Work with real time data
  • Create customizable reports

The powerful integration platform for your laboratory 4.0.

Integrate 1LIMS into your existing hardware and software infrastructure. Build your own Smart-Lab 4.0.
  • Integration into existing ERP systems (SAP, Abacus, Microsoft Navision etc.)
  • Integration into existing equipment pool
  • Powerful interface between software and hardware for networking in the laboratory


We do not provide a product - we provide a solution. With our excellent service package we make you a happy customer.
Data Migration

We safely manage and execute your data migration from any data sources


  • Excel – CSV Files
  • Databases (SQL – NoSQL)
  • ERP
  • CRM


We fully customize our solution based on your needs


  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • Charts
  • 3rd System Integrations


We integrate any 3rd party application into 1LIMS – without any restrictions


  • ERP
  • Mail
  • File Management
  • CRM


We are available for you from Monday to Friday – from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm


  • For Free
  • Quick
  • Competent

Why 1LIMS?

Get more and pay less!

Simple & intuitive

Never work with a complex and confusing lab software again - 1LIMS provides the user with the required modules and features - you see & use what you need!

Fully configurable

1LIMS makes your lab workflow & software completely configured based on your needs - this without any extra costs!


1LIMS is the most affordable lab quality assurance solution on the market - based on both initial setup and continuous costs.

Fully Integratable

1LIMS has completely open APIs - we can integrate any 3rd party systems no matter if ERP, CRM, File Management or Lab Devices - without any restrictions!

Our process

The entire 1LIMS implementation from start until the end will take 2 to 8 weeks depending on your requirements. Below you find a process overview:
  • 1


    • Software setup
    • 30 days of software testing
    • Get a software feeling & understanding

  • 2

    Kick Off

    • Requirements analysis
    • Project planning
    • Project Workshop

  • 3


    • Data migration (historical data)
    • Execution of requirements
    • Weekly project status

  • 4

    Final Review

    • Final software reviewphase.
    • Execute final adjustments
    • Software training

  • 5

    Live Going

    • After 2 to 8 weeks 1LIMS will be fully configured

Success Stories

Read more about our latest success stories and be informed

Micarna SA

Micarna headquartered in Courtepin, is part of the Swiss retailer Migros. She is one of the leading meat processors in Switzerland. In addition to the trade, restaurants and large-scale consumers are supplied.

Hepart AG

Hepart AG is the Swiss specialist for personalized orthomolecular and complementary medicine.

Polygal AG

Polygal AG is the global leader in the research and utilisation of vegetable hydrocolloids for various industrial applications.

Client Testimonials

We are proud of the product and service we provide. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
With 1LIMS, our laboratory staff have a software that supports all processes and convinces with its simple and intuitive operation day after day. The entire implementation was very efficient and resulted in an optimal price-performance ratio. Our specific customization requests were implemented according to priority, which reduced the implementation time to a minimum.

Blerim Krasniqi

Member of the Executive Board

1LIMS is a very user-friendly LIMS solution. We have the material testing module completely configured according to our needs and this at a very good price-performance ratio.

Michael Rusterholz

Head of Quality / Micarna SA

We have fully integrated 1LIMS into our lab and materials testing process within a month. Our team appreciates the simplicity, configuration options and excellent support of the 1LIMS team.

Simon Diezi

Head of Technology / Polygal AG

Clients & Peers

The satisfaction of our customers is our duty. Only with this circumstance we are able to reach new heights together!

About Us

We are 1LIMS! A LabTech company based in Zurich, Switzerland. We are enthusiastic about labs, technology and people. With our solution we strive to transform lab quality assurance for Laboratories by combining the complex ecosystem of employees, systems and devices; making the organisation of labs simple, affordable, fully configurable & integratable.

1LIMS Story

Our journey started in 2017 - we launched 1LIMS with the aim to transform the way Quality Assurance is organised and executed. Our mission is to provide Laboratories a simple, intuitive and affordable lab solution.

We're obsessed with building an excellent product, and our goal is to create a tool that people love to use and makes their life easier. The only thing we love more than our product is our customers.

We are inventive, quality driven and reliant. We strive to create a substantially engaging workplace, attracting the best people. With them, everything is possible.

Our Beliefs

  • Lab & quality assurance solutions should not only be reserved for corporates but also be accessible for SME.
  • Labs & quality assurance must become faster, easier and cheaper.
  • Process efficiency, traceability (compliance) and data visualisation are crucial. Companies need to move from paper, excel and word to a digital and automated solution.
  • We believe that in quality assurance (and in life) you can’t control results, but you can control the actions to excel quality assurance in your lab and quality assurance department.

Meet the Management Team

Get to know the people behind 1LIMS. We are ambitious, creative, technical and we understand the business.

Philipp Osterwalder

Head of 1LIMS

Samuel Schmid

Head of Technology

Alban Muret

Business Development

Jonas Greminger

Business Development

Stefania Cesarano

Head of Lab Performance

David Schoch

Tech Lead

Dr. Christoph Lustenberger

Partner // Head of Factory Management und Automation

Roger Schelbert

Partner // Head of Robotic, Automation und Image processing

Thomas Eichmann

Partner // Business Development Manager

Hans Noser

Advisory Board // Lab Automation

Martin Ziebrunner

Advisory Board

Dominik Probst

Advisory Board

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