Laboratory Information Management System

Save hours per week managing your quality control laboratory
Increase throughput, stay compliant, and manage all your quality and lab data using our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). 1LIMS is a cloud-based LIMS software to run your entire lab on. We can set it up for you in just 1 month.

Trusted by manufacturing companies and service labs across the globe

Does your QC give you an edge?

Because it should. With 1LIMS, you can enhance your competitiveness by ensuring consistent product quality, accelerated time-to-market, reliable supply chain, and continuous improvement within your lab.

Hand-entered data

Manual data entry often results in errors, inconsistencies, and delays. Go paperless with 1LIMS! Our system minimizes the need for manual input by optimizing data capture and providing a centralized platform for laboratory information management and data management.

Context switching

How many hours are lost as employees switch between systems to carry out their tasks? With 1LIMS, you can identify and solve problems faster, communicate more effectively, and speed up your laboratory turnaround.

Lack of control

Without proper traceability, quality problems can plague your operations, damaging your reputation. Use 1LIMS for tracking samples to identify and eliminate root causes of quality issues, confidently pass inspections, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Reactive QC

Do you respond to problems after they occur? Prevent them proactively. With 1LIMS, you empower your team to analyze data, recognize patterns, and nurture a culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization.

Meet 1LIMS: Your lab's new home

Your laboratory deserves technology that makes work better. 1LIMS LIMS software helps you increase lab turnaround time while improving traceability and compliance. It offers extensive configurability, as well as integration with lab instruments and applications, allowing you to streamline laboratory workflows and data management processes.
Capture data in a way that is organized, accessible, traceable, and reusable. Facilitate seamless access and sharing of data among employees and teams.
Get full visibility of your data
Master data keeps all your contacts, articles, parameters, test plans, and items neatly organized and easily accessible.
Bring context to samples
You can make working with data simpler for your team by adding comments, photos, files, and other attachments.
Create filters with any metadata property
With customizable filters that you can set up effortlessly, searching for needed analyses and orders is a matter of seconds.
Convert data into labels
1LIMS automatically populates the labels for you. Print labels directly from 1LIMS and access the full testing history with one scan.
Run more analyses, faster. From ready-made report templates to risk-based test plans, 1LIMS is designed to free you up from routine work.
A playbook to automate testing
With test plans in the system, you don't have to think twice about running your analyses.
Tailor testing intensity to risk levels
1LIMS allows you to adjust testing frequency based on past tests, product volume, and supplier history so you can work smarter, not harder.
Perfect every analysis with 
1LIMS is fine-tuned for accuracy. If your test results don't show expected values, our system triggers an automatic re-test.
No more manual reporting
Instantly create professional reports using ready-made templates. e-Sign and email directly from 1LIMS.
No more switching between systems. Automate data transfer and enhance collaboration across teams and departments, keeping workflows uninterrupted.
No more copying and pasting
With import/export features, you can easily transfer data between 1LIMS and Excel spreadsheets.
Unite production with QC
By integrating 1LIMS with ERP, you can access timely data on product availability, quality test results, and order status.
Capture readings from lab equipment
Laboratory instruments linked to 1LIMS let you transfer measured values, reducing the risk of transcription errors.
Speed up external testing
With a direct interface to service labs, you can conveniently send orders and receive test results all in one place.
Build trust in data through effortless traceability and compliance, dual verification of test results, and role-based access controls.
Track, trace, and trust your data
Automatically generated audit trails keep you in the know of every change made and who is responsible.
Grant access to only those who need it
Lab technician, assistant, manager – in 1LIMS, you can mirror the roles in your team and apply personalized permissions.
One submits, two approve
Make sure the Four-Eyes Principle is followed by having at least two people verify test results for accuracy. 1LIMS offers tools for that.
Lab managers authorize
In 1LIMS, every user sees data curated to their workflows, and only authorized users can approve critical reports, and orders.
For us, 1LIMS is the most important software in the lab. All the information needed in the lab to make work more efficient, easier, and safer runs through 1LIMS.
Hadassa Binggeli
Zweifel Pomy-Chips, QA Lab Manager

What sets 1LIMS apart

Implementing 1LIMS is unlike any other LIMS out there. Our LIMS solution is designed for rapid setup, allowing you to begin using it within just 30 days. We guarantee ROI from your LIMS investment.

Fully operational
in just 1 month

Unlike other LIMS, the 1LIMS solution can be up and running in just one month. You get a clear plan with timelines, and checkpoints, to know exactly when and how the system will be set up.

Tried-and-true methodology to ensure success

We take time to understand your process and tailor 1LIMS to your lab's unique needs to make sure our solution can deliver the measurable ROI you seek.

Codeless configuration, intuitive UI

Have full control over the way your LIMS software looks and works. You have complete freedom to customize the user interface the way you see fit — without a line of code.

Hypercare and expert guidance

Need guidance on how to perform microbiological tests? Or a training session on how to optimize your lab process? We're always there to help whenever you need us.

Peak value to investment ratio

Is it worth investing in LIMS? Yes, if the LIMS system provides you with a return on investment and delivers the expected value. We quantify what potential savings your organization can reap through digital automation with 1LIMS and guarantee that our solution will deliver the expected value.

With a personalized approach for every lab, rapid and affordable implementation, and ongoing expert support, 1LIMS delivers unmatched value compared to other options.

The support we get from 1LIMS has been amazing! They’re always there to immediately help us with technical issues or customization needs.
Sindy Seidel,
Laboratory Manager at Polygal

No more silos in your stack

1LIMS connects with your laboratory equipment, external service labs, and the enterprise tools your organization uses to enable workflow automation, eliminate data siloes, and speed up your testing processes.
Dashboard mockup

Efficient companies run their labs on 1LIMS

Within a single year, manufacturing companies and service laboratories using 1LIMS accomplish the following KPIs:
Less human errors in laboratory data
Increase in sample throughput
Savings within just one year

Take a tour of 1LIMS

Learn more about the features and capabilities of 1LIMS sample management software.

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