1LIMS for material testing

Optimize material testing with 1LIMS. Increase the efficiency of your testing processes and get a faster time to market for your products.
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Delivering precision, traceability, and efficiency in material testing

Material testing labs analyze a range of samples across diverse conditions. They need to ensure the test results are accurate, the data is traceable, and the data management is fast to avoid production delays. LIMS automates data management, helping labs work better.

Accurate test results

The accuracy of material test results depends a lot on how well your test equipment is functioning. With 1LIMS, you can calibrate your laboratory devices and seamlessly transfer data, to ensure accuracy and eliminate the possibility of human error.

Fully traceable data

Manual processing of a high volume of samples in material testing labs can result in gaps or inconsistencies in the recorded data. 1LIMS automates data handling, documenting every step of your process to ensure full traceability and compliance.

Accelerated time to market

Delays in manufacturing often stem from inefficient processes, including those in quality control. 1LIMS can reduce the time your material testing laboratory spends on data management by 50%, accelerating your products' time to market.

Better quality at speed with
1LIMS for material testing labs

Discover the key features of our platform.
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Sample management down to minutes

From materials to finished products – make your sample management faster. 1LIMS automates laboratory workflows including data collection, analysis management, and reporting.

Nothing’s lost or disorganized

Instead of information that’s scattered across many systems leading to inefficient work, 1LIMS holds all the data your lab uses: contacts, articles, test units, test plans, and more.

Everyone knows what to do

Standardize your testing procedures with test plans. Link test plans to team tasks in 1LIMS to speed up work and make sure all material analyses are performed correctly.

Stress-free data migration

We have Excel importers that make it easy to move over all your files. Plus, 1LIMS can integrate with lab devices and internal software to create a unified data environment.

Test equipment monitored and calibrated

Is your test equipment working properly? 1LIMS lets you keep a logbook with performance and calibration details so you can feel confident in the validity of your test results.
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Lab performance dashboards

Get a complete view of your lab's productivity and performance with real-time customizable dashboards. Track KPIs, identify areas needing your attention, and spot potential risks before they occur.

Standard and custom workflows for 360° material testing

From tensile strength tests of plastics to Rockwell hardness measurements of metal objects – 1LIMS offers support for various types of material testing methods as mandated by EU regulations. We can also help you adjust the platform to custom workflows.
Tensile strength testing
Fatigue testing
Physical testing
Mechanical testing
Chemical testing
Non-destructive testing
Environmental testing
Dimensional testing
Hardness testing

Smooth implementation is how we differ

Implementing 1LIMS is fast and easy. You can have the system up and running in only 1 month – we make sure it fits your needs perfectly and delivers the efficiencies you're looking for.

In operation within
1 month

Other LIMS tend to be more complex and much slower to adopt. 1LIMS stands out as a cloud-based, flexible alternative. You can start benefiting from our solution in just 1 month.

Lean Six Sigma methodology

Our onboarding method is built on Lean Six Sigma principles. We assess your lab's processes to ensure that implementing 1LIMS leads to transformative changes in your quality control.

A platform that
works your way

1LIMS offers a smooth user experience, reducing the learning curve for your employees. They can personalize the interface in minutes without any coding needed.

Experts by
your side

Our team of experts provides continuous support after 1LIMS implementation. We guide your laboratory staff in adopting the best practices for efficient material testing.

1LIMS is where material testing labs work better

Optimize sample management, automate routine work, manage test equipment, maintain compliance – 1LIMS is a powerful platform to improve your laboratory performance.

Faster sample

Consolidate your lab's data, including orders, a multitude of samples, and test plans, for quick and easy access. Introduce standardized testing procedures to streamline analyses and improve accuracy.

Tools for
routine work

From printable barcodes to ready-made report templates, risk-based test plans, re-tests, and email automation – 1LIMS streamlines routine processes, speeding up laboratory turnaround time.

Connected test instruments

Moving test values, monitoring, and managing material lab equipment, including UTM, calorimeters, spectrophotometers, FTIR, becomes way easier through integrations with 1LIMS.


With 1LIMS, you can maintain a transparent, auditable, and easily searchable database of all samples, test results, and reports, making your regulatory compliance efforts effortless and stress-free.

Take a tour of 1LIMS

1LIMS is the perfect solution for material testing laboratories. Want to see it in action?
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