1LIMS for food & beverage quality control

Don't dread food safety audits anymore. Achieve compliance effortlessly, while spending less time managing data and more time getting high-impact work done.
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Trusted by manufacturing companies 
and service labs across the globe

Addressing food manufacturer compliance needs

Quality control in the food industry is complex and can expose companies to compliance risk. Let 1LIMS simplify your QC, bringing speed and accuracy with a connected, centralized platform.

Complete data oversight

Food and beverage labs must monitor a vast range of samples throughout their lifecycle, from unprocessed ingredients to final products. The amount of data takes time to manage. With automated data capture, storage, and retrieval, 1LIMS makes all your data transparent and traceable.

Regulatory compliance effortlessly

Tough regulations oblige the food industry to meet rigorous requirements when it comes to lab organization, test methods, and quality control. 1LIMS provides an ideal framework for meeting these requirements and ensuring consistency across testing processes.

Proactive approach to food safety

The focus on food safety is moving beyond merely detecting contamination to actively preventing it during manufacturing. 1LIMS enables food and beverage laboratories to proactively approach food safety, mitigating non-compliance risks.

2X faster turnaround. Valid and traceable data. An ideal solution for food & beverage labs

Discover the key features of our platform.
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All your food data in one place

Import your data from Excel to 1LIMS. Integrate with ERP and lab instruments. Connect external service labs. Keep all your data in one place – 1LIMS tracks any changes made, so you never lose anything.

Managing samples has never been easier

From raw material to finished products – easily manage the vast number of food samples on one centralized platform.

Fully traceable and compliant

Make compliance effortlesswith integrated audit trails, automated approval workflows, and role-based access controls.

Support for hygiene monitoring

Ensure safety on the production floor. Integrate your hygiene monitoring systems with 1LIMS and transfer data in seconds.

CoA generated in seconds

Use ready-made customizable templates to speed up the creation of test reports and certificates of analysis.
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Stay on track with dashboards

Get an overview of your entire laboratory with customizable dashboards. Define what needs your attention and catch potential risks before they happen.

Support for the food industry-specific testing methods, including custom workflows

1LIMS offers support for various types of food and beverage testing methods as mandated by EU regulations. Our team can help you populate the system with the needed test execution plans and customize workflows to fit your needs.
Nutrient content testing
Veterinary drug residue testing
Mycotoxin testing
Transgenic testing
Chemical analysis
Radioactive element testing
Microbiological testing
Shelf life testing
Pesticide residue testing
Heavy metal testing
Allergen testing
Environmental monitoring

1LIMS implementation is what makes it stand out

1LIMS makes quality management work faster and better. And you don't need to spend months achieving that – we offer fast implementation, seamless adaptability, and expert support – all while ensuring your investments in laboratory efficiency bring the desired results.

Up and running in 1 month

Compared to other laboratory information management systems, 1LIMS is a cloud-based adaptable solution that takes only 1 month to set up and start using.

ROI-focused methodology

Our pre-implementation approach relies on Lean Six Sigma. We examine your processes to ensure that implementing 1LIMS provides ROI.

Super easy to work with

1LIMS offers an intuitive experience. You can easily customize it to your preferences, without the need to rely on our team for interface modifications.


Our team has deep expertise in the food industry and can guide your laboratory employees in applying the best practices for food quality control.

Get your laboratory organized

By centralizing all data and digitalizing laboratory processes, 1LIMS allows food labs to eliminate time-consuming paperwork and automate compliance reporting.

Accurate testing processes

Centralize your lab's data including orders, samples, and test plans for quick and easy access. Enforce standardized testing protocols to ensure consistency and accuracy across your testing processes.

Simple and user-friendly for daily use

Eliminate manual data management to speed up turnaround time and enable the best practices in your laboratory. 1LIMS is simple and user-friendly. Your staff will love using it on a daily basis.

Interconnected environment

Seamlessly import data from your spreadsheets into 1LIMS, integrate ERP and other enterprise solutions, connect hygiene monitoring tools, and manage it all in one place, including external lab orders.

Data, defendable on all levels

Configure 1LIMS to ease compliance with ISO 17025 and other regulations. Maintain a clear, audit-trailed, searchable record of all samples, test results, and reports issued to make the next audit a breeze.

Take a tour of 1LIMS

1LIMS is the perfect solution for food & beverage laboratories. Want to see it in action?
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