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1LIMS helps quality departments across the manufacturing industry and service labs work more efficiently by putting all their data in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.
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turnaround time
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The origins of 1LIMS

Here is our story.

In 2016, Philipp Osterwalder, a seasoned lab technician with a background in biomedical analytics, transitioned from a pharmaceutical laboratory to a testing facility within a food and beverage manufacturing company. He noticed a glaring issue: unlike the automated processes in the pharma lab, quality control in the food and beverage sector relied on manual processes and paper documentation.

This inefficiency wasn't unique to just this sector. Around 80% of manufacturing companies worldwide were still operating with outdated, analog quality control processes. There was a clear need for a technology that could support quality control departments across various industries.

Thus, 1LIMS was born.

Our vision was to create a modern, intuitive, secure, and configurable product for quality control laboratories across different industries.

From a small startup, 1LIMS rapidly grew. Today, we serve manufacturing companies and service laboratories in Spain, the UK, Poland, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland, helping them move from manual to automated processes. Our adaptable methodology identifies inefficiencies in existing QC processes, while our customizable digital solution streamlines data management, boosting efficiency in quality control labs.

On a mission to help QC laboratories work more efficiently

1LIMS was created to change how quality control is managed. Our focus is on building a simple, intuitive, and affordable product that lab technicians love to use and that makes their work easier.

We've been successfully achieving this mission since 2016

Here are some of the most important milestones throughout our journey.
Partnered with Polygal and ZHAW for the "smart recipe" project that uses AI to improve production efficiency and the quality of the final products.
Collaborated with Aurovis to develop an integrated lab execution system, featuring a workflow designer, capacity manager, and real-time advanced analytics.
Successfully implemented 1LIMS at 15 quality and service laboratories in 6 different countries.
Partnered with Metrohm, a Swiss laboratory device manufacturer to integrate with their OMNIS platform which gives access to a range of laboratory devices.
Established a cooperation with Eurofins, a global provider of laboratory testing services, to enable direct integration of their service lab into 1LIMS.
Digitized and automated quality processes for Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG, integrating 1LIMS into their existing infrastructures and ensuring complete traceability of the quality data across the supply chain.
Integrated 1LIMS into Micarna SA's 10 Swiss production sites, connecting with their ERP system and digitalizing quality processes for complete traceability.
Onboarding Micarna SA central laboratory, one of the biggest Meat producers in Switzerland. Connecting with their ERP system and automating sample handling with QR codes and a sample tracking dashboard.
Implementing 1LIMS intro Polygal AG in Märstetten, TG. Automated management of master data, quality orders, and Samples. Creation of several Templates for TDS, PS, and COAs.

1LIMS is leading transformation in quality control across industries

At 1LIMS, we're dedicated to supporting companies in their efforts to automate quality control.

Laboratory digitalization consulting

Going digital is a big move. We provide laboratory digitalization consulting services to help companies make this move less risky.

Centralized quality management platform

1LIMS is a cloud-based, customizable quality management platform that brings efficiency to quality control.


We don't just offer technical help. We're here to support you before, during, and after implementation to improve the way you run your lab.


We've united top industry experts to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge, helping QC professionals work better.

Continually living up to our values

We're a tight-knit team, all working toward the same goal and following the same values.


We are driven by passion to innovate and excel in what we do – help companies improve quality control.


Our products and services exceed our customer expectations and set new standards across industries.


We create strong relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues by being transparent and reliable.


We take chances, try new things, and learn from success and failure, building a culture where everyone thrives.


As we reach new heights, we stay humble, continue to learn and grow, but never forget our origins.


We cultivate a positive and supportive environment, fostering optimism, and embracing a can-do attitude.

1LIMS has the best people. 

With them, everything is possible

Our team includes experts in factory automation, robotics and process automation, microbiology, and applied science. You can rely on our expertise to transform the way you manage quality.
Philipp Osterwalder
Head of 1LIMS
David Schoch
Head of Product
Samuel Schmid
Head of Technology
Jonas Greminger
Head of Business Development
Stefania Cesarano
Head of Lab Performance
Dr. Christoph Lustenberger
Head of Factory Management and Automation
Alban Muret
Advisory Expert / Food Industry
Roger Schelbert
Advisory Expert / Head of Robotic, Automation and Image processing
Prof. Dr. Tilo Hühn
Advisory Expert / Head of Food Composition and Process Design
Dr. Mario Hupfeld
Advisory Expert / Food Safety and Environmental Monitoring
Hans Noser
Advisory Board / Lab Automation
Thomas Eichmann
Advisory Expert / Software for LifeScience
Dominik Probst
Board of Directors / CEO & Founder Jester Advisory AG
Martin Ziehbrunner
Board of Directors / CEO & Founder SME Growth Funds

Trusted by manufacturing companies 
and service labs across the globe

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