Laboratory Digitalization Consulting

Make a calculated move before going digital
Want to digitalize your QC processes but unsure where to begin? Access our expert assistance. Our team will evaluate how you manage quality in the lab, find opportunities for optimization, and create a tailored action plan so you can make an informed decision about what to do next.
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Get an expert evaluation of your control quality

We focus on the following key areas:
Lab processes
Value stream
Workflow efficiency
Lab performance
Data management
Data storage
Data management
Data integrity
Communication between teams and departments
Data sharing across systems

Align your digitalization efforts with specific KPIs

We provide an in-depth analysis of your current situation to measure inefficiencies and define ways to resolve them. Our solutions are linked to clearly defined and measurable KPIs, allowing you to monitor progress and assess the effectiveness of your digitalization efforts.


Do you want to reduce a lag in efficiency and enable your lab to achieve more within existing time frames? Setting specific targets helps you achieve tangible results from automation.



Identify areas where efficiencies can be maximized and build a comprehensive roadmap for optimizing resource use to achieve improved productivity and performance.

opportunities for
cost savings

Examine your spending closely and find ways to spend less while improving quality and compliance. Automated workflows can lead to cost savings of up to 50%.

Promote continuous improvement
in your lab

Engage your entire QCA team in the evaluation process to promote innovation and learning. This will increase their motivation to incorporate automated tools into their workflows.

What gets measured gets done

Our clients achieve tangible business outcomes through digitalization facilitated by 1LIMS.
in human errors
in sample throughput
less effort
in quality data management
up to
annual savings

Trusted by manufacturing companies 
and service labs across the globe

How LabCHECK works

From assessing your current operations to delivering change, we employ a customized strategy to ensure our solutions are perfectly tailored to suit your unique needs.

Evaluate the current situation

We arrange a visit to your production site to understand your process, evaluate your laboratory performance, and figure out if we can bring value through digitalization.
Assess current laboratory processes, data management systems, and connectivity
Identify strengths and weaknesses
Quantify laboratory performance

Identify opportunities for optimization

Once we've defined the inefficiencies in your quality control process, we prepare the best practices that can improve the situation and train your laboratory staff in putting them into practice.
Analyse KPIs such as turnaround time, workload, incurred costs, and more
Introduce best practices for immediate change
Train teams in implementing the best practices

Provide cost and benefit analysis

We estimate the cost of implementing 1LIMS in your lab and assess the benefits, such as enhanced efficiency to provide you with a clear understanding of the project's financial viability and potential value.
Define the projected cost of introducing a digital solution to streamline lab operations
Assess the benefits associated with implementing changes
Determine the ROI for new technology investment

Devise a roadmap for 1LIMS implementation

Finally, we create a roadmap that details how 1LIMS is going to be implemented in your company so that you know exactly what is going to be delivered and when.
Develop a plan for the gradual rollout of 1LIMS
Define the timelines and resources required
Get the buy-in from the stakeholders and proceed to implementation

Our methodology is based on Lean Six Sigma principles

We follow the Lean Six Sigma approach to ensure continuous improvement in our laboratory operations. Our process is based on the following key principles:

Delve into the heart of operations

Quality (Gemba) Walk
We arrange a full-day on-site visit to your production facility to observe your entire value chain with a focus on quality management.

Map out every aspect of the process

SIPOC analysis
Documenting suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers allows us to analyze your quality process end to end.

Leverage data to drive transformation

Process quantification
We collect the key metrics that measure your lab performance to provide data-driven guidance on how to improve them.

You get everything you need to lead your lab's transformation

LabCHECK equips you with everything you need to build a compelling business case for laboratory automation. Plus, we'll help you spot efficiency opportunities even before going digital.

Comprehensive analysis report on the current situation

Receive a thorough report detailing the current situation, offering insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your quality assurance processes and laboratory workflows.


Immediate improvements and long-term vision

Identify quick enhancements for your current processes and receive precise guidance on optimizing your laboratory operations to meet future needs.


Tailored team
training sessions

Train your team to apply best practices and tools in their work to eliminate redundant tasks, increase turnaround time, and maintain compliance.


Clarity about the expected value from automation

Qualtify the value of adopting a tailored Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), and get a clear understanding of expected automation benefits.


1LIMS implementation

Get a comprehensive roadmap for phased 1LIMS implementation that shows clear milestones, timelines, costs, and resources.

Ready to digitalize?

If you want to learn more about our 1LIMS implementation services, click below.

We're fluent in your needs

Your organization deserves technology that’s designed to make quality management effortless. With our background in science and expertise in automation, we know how to simplify, secure, and enhance your laboratory processes.
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Join our exclusive network

Our Competence Center unites top industry professionals to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and unlock access to exclusive resources and training opportunities, all aimed at elevating laboratory practices to the highest standards.

Feel more confident about your digital investments

With LabCheck, you can mitigate risks and potential roadblocks during LIMS implementation. The workshop gets you prepared not just technically, but also organizationally and culturally.

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